Our mission is to rise the greatest herd of Limousine cattle in Poland, consisting of the highest quality individuals, breeded on natural and ecological meadows.

We set up our farm on Masurian Lake District, green areas called Lungs of Europe. We endeavor to become lider in breeding of Limousine cattle and we want in this area to trace the highest standards on the Polish market. That is why we grazing the herd on the best possible location in Poland. Our lands received AgroEko certificate, and our herd is under constant veterinary supervision. The cattle is breed without the use of chemicals. Our bulls, heifers and calves are breed solely on natural and ecological fodders, and green areas allow them to move freely, so that they maintain health and well-being, which results into the highest quality of their meat.

We strive to improve the herd, which is why we cooperate with other breeders to breed stronger individuals and champions, and as well, larger the herd to make it the largest in Poland.