Why we decided on limousine cattle?

We specialize in breed and sale individuals Limousine cattle. It is medium large breed of cattle originating from France and considered as the best beef cattle in the World. The breed in the last few years gaing popularity around the World, though in Poland is still not commonly known among consumers. Limousine distinguishes distinctive golden-red colouring, calm temperament and ease of calving, what makes it perfect breed of beef cattle. Limousine belong to the genre of beef cattle providing high quality lean beef sought after by the best restaurants in Poland and Europe. We know this from personal experience as we deliver cattle and meat to our customers in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, as well as on request to selected national restaurants.

Beef livestock

Meat obtained from bovine animals aged over six months.

Advantages of our meat

Beef is a sort of meat, easy recognizable because of tenderness, colour and flavour. It’s most valuable nutritionally meats – characterized by the average fat content and very high content of digestible protein (approximately 70-100%). Beef is one of the main sources of vitamin B12, B1 and B6. It is a rich source of phosphorus, iron and zinc (which is especially important for pregnant women and nursing mothers).
Beef is one of the most popular meat amongst consumers and cooks as well. A reason for this is due to the flavour and scent. Beef is reach in precursors, which under the culinary preparation, entering into reaction with the other components and extract rich, varied taste and scent. The precursors are contained in any kind of meat in various proportions, but beef contains them exeptionally a lot, thanks to the fiber structure and the age slaughtered animals (properly mature age affects the high level of precursors).
Beef of our production is unique because of the stress-free way of breeding animals and grazing them on the ecological Masurian meadows which is reflected into top quality beef.